Get to Know… Christopher Norwood, “The Stranger”

What has been your favorite part of the rehearsal process so far?
This rehearsal process has been insanely quick. Almost a blur. The moments that have stuck out for me have been the moments the entire cast have been together. The first time that happened was at the table read we had in late April. reuniting with people I had seen in the first staged reading of Unville but in different roles, as well as the new friends we had taken in. That’s always exciting, getting together with a fresh script and doing whatever the hell you want with a character. It always leads to a great time, even if what you do is completely out of left field and is never seen by anyone else ever again.
The other favorite moment in rehearsals actually just happened today. We ran through the opening number with all of the ensemble voices singing and making various jungle sounds underneath what I, previously, had only been singing with a guitar. It sounded and felt great to be a part of and I’m excited to put that up on the stage.

What are you doing when you’re not acting/directing/designing?

When I’m not acting, I do a lot of writing/ messing around on my guitar. I’m currently working on my first album that I’m currently titling “Ineffably Simple”. I’m also working on writing a bunch of plays. I should probably really focus on one at a time so I can “finish” them and start submitting. But that’s not quite the point of it for me. It gives me something to turn my attention to when I don’t have a show to perform in so I don’t drive myself crazy. Then there’s the day job. Bleh.
…..I should probably work out more.

Why did you get into theater?
Theater. Hm. Stories are fun. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time telling a story. I remember when I was in elementary school and I would bring in my collections of Calvin & Hobbes comics. I would open up the books, and read the comics out loud with my friends. I didn’t know what I was doing then, but I guess I can call that “Cold Reading”. And I still have just as much fun doing it today as I did back then. I always enjoyed movies and theatre. I watched people a lot. I eventually gave acting a shot in the 7th grade and apparently I was ok at it. I never really had the usual “I saw theater for the first time and I said to myself, I wanna do that!” I just like telling stories. That’s what I’m here for.

What is your vision of utopia?
Utopia is where people knock it off with the selfish bullshit. Where the old axiom of “The world is unfair and people are shitty to eachother and that’s just the way it is” is erased from our collective memory. Utopia is a world full of people who truly think things through instead of merely being swayed one way or the other by silver-tongued con-artists. No Jersey Shore.

If you were king/queen of the world, how would you solve our global warming crisis?
If I were king of the world, I would invest in alternative energy sources. Not sure what the exact problem is with these renewable sources of energy that makes it so impossible to use them on a large scale. As King I really should have researched everything a bit more than I have. I apologize.

Along those lines, what else would you do as king/queen of the world?
Kung Fu. I really should study Kung Fu at some point. And as King, I could get the absolute best to train me. I will be unstoppable. Also, mandatory 20% gratuity included at every restaurant in the kingdom. …Or maybe just the establishment of an economic system that doesn’t reward selfishness and slavery, but instead encourages creativity, compassion, and the drive to progress for the greater good.
Also, Friday is Pizza Day. EVERYWHERE.

Ever been to Brazil? How about Jacksonville?
I have not been to either Brazil or Jacksonville. Unfortunately. They’re on the bucket list though.