Get to Know… Pedar Bate, “Jack”

How long have you worked with FullStop?
My first production with FullStop was the stage reading of Pat Shaw’s Unville Brazil in December 2010.

What has been your favorite part of the rehearsal process so far?

I love getting to collaborate with such awesome awesome people.

What are you doing when you are not acting/directing/designing?

I am currently getting things together to return to Ohio State University in autumn to obtain a teaching certificate in Choral Music Education.

Why did you get into theater?

I love singing and performing and I believe that the arts enrich all of us and connect us to each other’s humanness in some of the most basic ways.

What is your vision of utopia?

A place where everyone loves everyone else, unconditionally.

If you were king/queen of the world, how would you solve our global warming crisis?
I have no idea where to start.

Along those lines, what else would you do as king/queen of the world?

This just seems like too much responsibility for me. I love pie, though. Tons of pie. All the time. Also more money for music and theatre and the rest of the arts. Like funding. For theaters and schools.

Ever been to Brazil? How about Jacksonville?

Neither, but I have been to many parts of Florida.