Announcing our 2012 season!

Now entering our fifth year of producing bold, intimate, original productions of innovative new works by NYC’s hottest emerging playwrights, FullStop Collective is proud to announce our 2012 Season:


A Seductive Night of Bold Theater, Short Films, and Live Music. Bigger. Hotter. Back for a Third Date.

Mergers and Acquisitions, written by Lucy Gillespie, directed by Andrew Squier
Featuring Tom Littman, Erin Callahan, Shannon Altner, Emily Daly, Brian Dunlop, Marissa Bergman, Emily Brown, Katelyn Collins, Olivia Etzine, Shelley Fort, Stephanie Miller, Alice Renier, and Elizabeth Seldin

Erotica, written by Justin Shipley, directed by Ilana Becker
Featuring Brian Henderson, and Lucy Gillespie

Estreilles Verdes, written by Elizabeth Seldin, directed by Christine Drew Benjamin
Featuring David Gallager, Louiza Collins, and Enoch Porch

Operation Istanbul, written by Patrick Shaw, directed by Alexandra Bassett
Featuring Savvy Clement, Andrew Squier, Matthew McDonald, Brian Dunlop, Brian Hashimoto, Kevin Bunge, John DeSilvestri, Erin Callahan, Melonie Bailey, and Katherine Perkin

Leta Tremblay and Brian Hashimoto were Artistic Curators for the evening and directed an interlude piece called The Worst Play Ever About Sex and Love, and the Title I Needed to Get Me to Write This, a Choreo Play, by Diana Oh.
Music Composed by Jay Spriggs and Diana Oh
Instrumentals by Jay Spriggs Vocals by Diana Oh
Featuring Marissa Bergman, Andrew Squier, Brocton Burns, and Shelley Fort


February 10th and  11th

For more information visit: www.galapagosartspace.com

*This project was supported in part by the Inception to Exhibition 2011 Space Grant.


A year-long process of facilitated workshops for the following three plays culminating in Staged Readings in May 2012

Random Decay by Sarah Bernstein
Featuring Jon-Michael Miller*, Lauren Weinberg, Suellen Vance*, John DeSilvestri, and Charity Schubert*

Mary, Mary (or the virginity play) by Christine Drew Benjamin
Featuring Diana Oh, Charity Schubert*, Shelley Fort, and Savvy Clement


*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association



A musical adaptation of “Hell Screen” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Adapted by Diana Oh, Jay Spriggs, and Ilana Becker
Music by Diana Oh and Jay Spriggs
Lyrics by Diana Oh


August 2012
By Megan Weaver
Directed by Leta Tremblay
When Maggie was born she pulled her mother’s heart out with her.
So begins a magical coming-of-age story of terminal illness and the limits of love.